Managing Personal Emotions in Tough Conversations

Sunday, May 13, 2018
3:30 PM to 5:00 PM

Multiple factors need to be navigated during a conversation with a client when their pet is suffering with a medical situation. These conversations can elicit a number of emotions from the veterinary staff when attempting to support the client. This presentation covers the traps that a team can fall into due to the emotions within themselves, provide direction on how to partner with the client, and shares ideas and tools to help manage their emotions during these tough conversations.

Program Track:  Practice Management

CE Credits:  1.5

Available To:  All Attendees

Fee:  $0.00


Kimberly Pope-Robinson DVM, CCFP

Dr. Pope has been in veterinary medicine for over 20 years, practicing both in large and small animal medicine.  She was a multi-unit manager for a large corporate practice and worked in the pharmaceutical sector with specialists and universities. Her career has provided her a unique understanding of the stresses involved with maintaining a career in this industry, and she now dedicates her time to providing well-being support to the profession.